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Everlasting thanks & kudos to my friends - MachineRoom UA:

Note: Trilobite oscillator is a fresh one, kindly sent to me for a demo, will be available soon on MachineRoom website.

And much thanks to Endorphine.es of course:

Modular UA community:

Latest release from Vlad Suppish on Corridor Audio:

And a compilation of various instrumental pieces from 2016 to 2019:

Some patch notes & thoughts:

So only these 2 modules were used as sound sources, but there's technically 5 oscillators, I know)
I've decided to make it all nice and simple. Deliberately not pushing both modules to the limit, but showing their strongest sides, therefore making the best of both approaches in synthesis.

For intro it's pretty common East coast patch for Microbrute controlling Trilobite with 2 envelopes (ADSR for amplitude and AR from Befaco's Rampage for MachineRoom 204D dual VCF).

Drone - Trilobite through send to GMSN THC (DIY Clouds), Furthrrrr to Malekko's Dual Borg in LPG mode and to Demora delay. Make Noise Pressure Points, Rampage and MI Tides are responsible for modulation madness.

In main jam Trilobite's 1st and 2nd osc's are doin' dem bass. 3rd osc is a kick, which is created with envelope to 3rd osc FM in. Sidechain (ducking) is created with Befaco's dual attenuverter. Again they're going through 2 channels of 204D VCF.
Lead voice is Furthrrrr through Borg's LPG, which triggered by main clock thru Rebel Technology's Stoichea to achieve musical variety with gates. Pressure Points 3rd and 4th channels are modulating timbre of Furthrrr. Make Noise Rene's quantized cv out is used for both bass and lead thru buffered mult.
Snare-hat-like sound - noise out of Furthrrrr thru Borg's 1st channel in VCF mode. Modulated by Tides which is subsequently modulated by 1st and 2nd channels of Pressure Points (modulate the modulator, innit!). Than it's processed thru Music Thing Modular's Spring Reverb.

Die Berliner Schule is a variation on main jam, but with 8-step sequence on Rene with hands-on variations (the best sequencer for it, imho).
Ratchetting is achieved thru Pressure Points cv out into Demora's width cv in.
On Demora I'm using custom patch for clock-sync delay, which I've received from a good friend - Mykyta Gryaznov aka Friedensreich:
And I've slightly modified this patch afterwards. If you want this patch - drop me a line to vladmitsky89[at]gmaildotcom ;)
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