EcoTEC 125 - Tesla Makes 1 Million EVs, Model Y Deliveries Start, Ford Mustang Mach E Winter Testing

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(00:51) Tesla makes 1 million EVs
(01:38) BMW cancels iX3 in North America
(02:24) Mercedes-Benz Updates e-Vito
(03:13) Model Y Deliveries Start
(03:53) Arcimoto debuts first responder EV
(04:40) BMW nixes 50% of ICE
(05:21) VW says ID3 will be cheaper than a Golf
(06:15) Ford Mustang Mach E Winter Testing
(06:55) Fiat Centoventi may enter production
(07:38) Fully Charged Live UK Postponed
(08:16) Model 3 sounding like a sports car

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