EIP-1559 approved, ETH on balance sheets and more - The Daily Gwei Refuel #72 - Ethereum Updates

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The Daily Gwei Refuel gives you a recap every week day on everything that happened in the Ethereum and crypto ecosystems over the previous 24 hours - hosted by Anthony Sassano.


Timestamps ⌚

00:00​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Introduction
00:10 Reminder of “The Daily Gwei Data Pump” released yesterday/Monthly
00:46 EIP-1559: Finally approved - as part of “London” upgrade ~ July: far more predictable txs, ETH only payment method, fee burn = deflationary
08:21 Gitcoin Grants 9: Launches Wed, $500K matching, quadratic funding method can increase 1 DAI donation by +100X
10:14 Victor Bunin @VictoBunin: all new protocols airdropping tokens should award Gitcoin contributors
17:40 “The March of Ethereum”: NFTs mainstream, Berlin testnet, Optimisms (and other L2s) scaling
20:20 Price action Feb 1300 to 1700 March
20:56 Hot Protocol: L2 bridging protocol just using Metamask
22:44 Feli Protocol (algorithmic stable coin) Genesis Event, Initial token offering
24:24 NFT using Augmented Reality glasses; shows what you can do with these
27:03 Public Co. buys $22.1m ETH & $17.5m BTC. Thesis based on Ethereum’s utility
29:51 Santiago R Santon: Gen
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