Ethereum, Monero & Bitcoin, the Halving, and many more! - Top 10 Q&A from Roger Ver

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Watch the highlights of Roger's recent Q&A about his opinion on Ethereum, Monero, & Bitcoin; the halvening; his favorite books, and many more!

All credits go to Ian Balina,
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1:29 - 1. How did you get involved into BCH?
6:36 - 2. What is needed for Bitcoin Cash to surpass Bitcoin?
14:22 - 3. Do you hold any BTC?
17:36 - 4. What do you think about being censored on the r/Bitcoin on Reddit?
19:12 - 5. What's gonna happen after the Halving?
19:38 - 6. What's the best way for farmers market and vendors to adopt BCH?
20:40 - 7. What is your take on Proof of Stake?
21:13 - 8. What do you think of Cash Fusion?
22:16 - 9. What three books you have read have completely changed your life?
25:00 - 10. What are the three actions you took that changed your life?

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►Roger’s TOP 3 book recommendations:
Raymond Kurzweil - The singularity is near:

Murray N. Rothbard - The Ethics of Liberty:

Murray N. Rothbard - Man, Economy, and State:

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