Hack the System: Intro to Blockchain

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On Tuesday 9th March, we were delighted to host Laurence Kirk of Extropy.io for an introduction to blockchain as part of the Hack the System hackathon. Thanks to Laurence for his great presentation!

Slides and further details available here: https://medium.com/encode-club/hack-the-system-intro-to-blockchain-video-slides-dd8519b769c7

You can register for Hack the System here: https://www.encode.club/hack-the-system​

More information about Hack the System can be found here: https://medium.com/encode-club/hack-t...​

Starting on 25th February, Hack the System challenges students and hackers to rethink the way the world works when building their projects. There are over $50k in cash prizes available, as well as jobs and investment for the best!

The hackathon will last 10 weeks - 5 weeks for learning, and 5 weeks for hacking. Pre-registration is open until 25th February, and general registration runs until the point at which hacking begins, which is on Monday 29th March.

About Encode Club
The purpose of Encode is to educate, support and catalyse the emergence of new talent into the blockchain space. We work across 75 universities worldwide, running hackathons, accelerators, education series as well as investing and recruiting the best to join leading blockchain companies.

About Extropy.io
Extropy.io was founded in 2015 by Laurence Kirk in Oxford to provide consultancy services in Distributed Ledger Technology. Laurence is also the founder of the Oxford Blockchain Society.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:57 Extropy.io Intro
00:04:24 Presentation Agenda
00:04:50 Blockchain Review
00:12:18 Proof of Work
00:23:36 Introduction to Ethereum
00:29:30 Developing Smart Contracts & Remix Demo
00:41:01 Designing for decentralisation
00:43:04 Best Practices
00:46:57 Developmental Tools and Resources
00:49:17 Questions
00:59:30 Conclusion
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