How To FIX a Blue Screen on Windows 10

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Ever wondered how to fix those annoying blue screens in windows 10!? Well today I have some different kind of fixes that can help with those annoying BSODs. Here is a look at the top 5 Weird problems I have incurred.

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Today I go through the top 5 weirdest problems I have when it comes to blue screens or BSODs with relation to Microsoft windows 10. How I fix them can be different to others, because this is not a generic guide but more some of the 'weirder' problems you maybe encounter:

Time Table:
1st Problem - 0:31 - Undervolted default settings
2nd Problem - 3:11 - Hibernation Mode and Low C-States not being supported
3rd Problem - 4:46 - Faulty or incompatible Memory Modules
4th Problem - 6:02 - Hardware Incompatibility
5th Prroblem - 7:40 - Faulty or Underwhelming Power Supply

Check out Britec09's Guide on memtest86 here:

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