How to prevent COVID-19 (German Version)|simply explained with cartoons

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As residents in an area currently recovering from the pandemic, we hope to share these suggestions to more people. Please help spread this video if you like it, or save it in memory of the special time we've gone through together.

Note: More languages coming up!
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Words from team O! Mega:
Getting to know about the bigger world is a crucial step of building up social responsibility in a child. Learning that from our own experiences, we hope to choose close-related news or social changes and introduce them to children who can’t yet understand the news report well through animation and simple languages.
Our goals can be found in our group name. “MaGa”comes from the word “mega scope”, for we hope to be a window that leads children to the world. In spoken English, O!MeGa has similar pronunciation to “Oh my god”, inferring the excitement and amazement of children once they find out more about happenings outside their daily life. At the same time, the Greek letter omega is commonly used in the academic field, so we also hope to inspire children to find their own interests.
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