How to register for a Covid-19 vaccination in Bavaria, Germany

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How do you get on the waiting list for a corona vaccination in Bavaria, Germany? This detailed video takes you through the process of using the website - the Bavarian government's vaccination registration portal. If you live in Bavaria and you'd like to get vaccinated against Covid-19, then you will have to register.

Date of recording: 4th March 2021. This video was recorded by Robert Holbach as part of the project Internationalisation 2.0.

If you want to skip to a specific section, here are the timings:

01:45 Covid vaccination priority groups - German ministry of health (FAQ page:
04:29 Registration website for joining the Covid-19 vaccine waiting list in Bavaria. (
06:01 Web form - first page (personal details and life situation)
08:34 "Ich arbeite in einer Pflege- oder medizinischen Einrichtung"
15:55 "Ich arbeite in einer Schule oder Kindergarten"
17:47 "Ich arbeite in Einrichtungen zur Aufrechterhaltung des öffentlichen Lebens"
21:03 "Ich habe eine besondere Kontaktsituation"
23:10 "Ich wohne / arbeite in einer Gemeinschaftseinrichtung"
26:03 Web form - second page (health conditions)
27:08 "Liegt einer der folgenden Risikofaktoren vor?"
34:20 "Liegt eine labordiagnostisch bestätigte COVID-19 Erkrankung vor?"
35:00 "Besteht zurzeit eine Schwangerschaft oder wird gestillt?"

If you cannot use the website, you can register for a place on the vaccination waiting list by phone. For the city of Passau, the telephone numbers are: 0851 396-850 and 0851 396-848, staffed Mondays to Fridays, 8am to 4pm.

Once you are offered an appointment, you can find information about the different vaccines online. The information about the vaccines is offered in many languages:
mRNA vaccines (Pfizer/Biontech, Moderna):
AstraZeneca vaccine:

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