I made it! (TR Saga - Ep. 8)

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Vlog 26 08 2020

02:00 Checking in at DFW Airport with British Airways
02:39 Arriving & facing border police @ London Heathrow Airport
04:26 Checking in @ Stansted Airport with Ryan Air
06:04 Arriving & facing border police @ Hamburg Airport
10:00 COVID-19 testing @ Hamburg Airport
11:11 COVID-19 test result return

Many of you are like me, in a long distance relationship separated by my loved one due to border closures and being prohibited from entering the country because we are unmarried and do not fulfill entry requirements. I am happy to say that many countries are now allowing entry for unmarried couples. The list is few and definitely not near where it should be.

I live in the USA. My partner in Germany. I MADE IT! Reunited on 23 August after 230 days! I am happy to share my experience in detail here.

Even though I was successful in entering Germany, where my partner lives, I will continue to advocate for other couples whose resident/home country have not done the same.

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