Interview with Roger Ver on The Future of Bitcoin Cash - Features

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What is the point of using a cryptocurrency? What are Roger's thoughts on the upcoming BTC Halving? Watch the recent interview with him!

All credit goes to Dennis Koray, the Bitcoin Informant.

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0:36 - Roger, how are you doing?
0:59 - Is crypto a safe haven nowadays?
3:52 - On bashing other currencies…
4:51 - Thoughts Lightning Network and fees...
6:33 - How do you see the upcoming BTC Halving?
8:22 - What is the point of cryptocurrencies?
8:45 - giveaway
12:46 - How does the hashrate do today on BCH compared to BTC before the bull run?
14:17 - If cash is failing... is crypto ready to take over?
15:29 - How can we spread merchant adoption?
16:45 - Do you see crypto as being mainstream in the future?
18:06 - Do you think the BCH ecosystem would thrive without you?
18:57 - Dennis's prediction about the crisis...
19:52 - How do you see other privacy coins?
22:41 - Discussing the 10 block reward checkpoint on the BCH chain...
23:04 - Do you think companies will bring their shares to the BCH blockchain to distribute dividends?
24:23 - How much can BCH scale in the long-term on-chain?
25:33 - Is digital private identity possible with BCH?

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