Is This The Next Ethereum?

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For the developers, out there:
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Learn Rust, and create Solana ► DApps
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Learn more about Solana:
Proof of history ►
Solana's Core Concepts ►
Solana Speed test ► &
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More resources on Solana, courtesy Paurav Joshi from the KridaFans team and Amitej Gajjala from Stada ►

Quick rust tutorial:

Best resources for indepth knowledge on Rust:
Rustlings course:
Rust by example:
Rust book:

Good rust videos:

Terminology going to be used in solana documents and smart contracts

This is Solana Pathway,
Solana Program deployment 101 using react language

How transaction/inquiry flow in Solana

Solana smart contracts documentation:

Introduction to Solana smart contracts:

Best read and implement doc with explanation available outside Solana:

Solana managed Rust smart contract tutorials:
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