IT'S HAPPENING - Ethereum 2.0 Almost Set For November Launch! | PayPal & Paxos | More Crypto News!

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*Apologies for the video being blocked, earlier... I did the "bad thing", and got a wrist-slap from YouTube, for playing the "Meme of the day" listed down below. I've downloaded and re-edited the video, losing 4k quality in the process. I hope you can enjoy the content either way :) Cheers!

► Meme (Video on r/Bitcoin) of the Day! -
► Huobi Japan Contest For 6 Coins To Possible Be Listed -
► Ethereum vs Bitcoin Daily Settlement Volume Chart -
► Ethereum 2.0's Final Testnet Is Launching In 2 Weeks -
► Interview With Afri Schoedon -
► Etherscan Adds Ability To Upload Smart Contract Audits -
► PayPal Picks Paxos to Supply Crypto for New Service Sources Say -
► Paxos Introduces Paxos Crypto Brokerage Service to Power Digital Asset Buying and Selling in Any Product -
► ChainLinkGod.eth Details The Nexo Finance Conspiracy Against Chainlink -
► Twitter Hackers Could Have Stolen A Whole Lot More Bitcoin -
► SEC Commissioner Peirce Asks ‘Who Did We Protect?’ in Telegram Shutdown -
► Erik Voorhees Announces ShapeShift Mobile, On Twitter -
► Quote of the Day! -

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