Model Y Performance Handling, Launch & Noise - Full Driving Review

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The Performance Model Y is incredible, and we take it for a spin! With it's dual motos and insane 3.5 seconds 0-60, this car is incredibly fun to drive.

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In today's review of the Tesla Model Y Performance, I drive the Model Y through windy streets, and more.

Inside the Model Y, you'll notice great forward visibility and panoramic visibility thanks to the Model Y glass roof. The Model Y Rear Visibility isn't great since the rear hatchback is at such a steep angle and really doesn't leave much room to see through the back mirror.

The Model Y sits higher than the Model 3 and it's very obvious when you drive it. It drives more like an SUV than a sedan but is still much smaller than a full-sized SUV.

The Model Y does one-pedal driving and it's a very easy, and fun feature to have in an electric car. The handling in the Model Y is also great, and adds a lot of confidence when driving on windy roads like I do.

Let's launch the Model Y. The Model Y launch and Model Y 0-60 are incredible. This model does a 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and that launch with the instant torque is absolutely amazing, and incredibly quiet as well.

In the rear of the Model Y, you'll notice the somewhat muffled sounding bumps. It's better than the bumps, but it has an interesting sound to it.

As you watch, keep in mind that I'm not the ultimate "car person". I don't typically drive expensive cars, and also, I'm a Tesla fan, so keep that bias in mind with this video.

The Model Y turning radius feels great in this car and performs well with quick U-Turns, and the pedals are really easy to control. Even in Model Y sport mode, you will have no problem controlling the pedal and not launching your passengers when unexpected.

The Model Y is designed for 5 passengers, and the thought of Tesla adding 2 more seats in the back seems pretty crazy. Those will be some small seats.

The sound level of the Model Y noise when driving is around 62dB when I'm driving 40mph or so. The speedometer is on the Model Y screen, so you look to the right as opposed to inside the steering wheel.

The Model Y Maps are essentially a large Google Maps, and the screen has the ability to pull up the rear camera at any time necessary.

Regarding the Model Y stereo, the sound quality is top-notch. Great highs, great lows, and dynamic range. Take my word for it as a musician, it's GREAT!

The Model Y also visualizes obstacles on screen for the Model Y Autopilot system, and it beeps at you if you get too close. On top of this the Model Y will slam on the breaks or steer away from an obstacle if necessary.

Overall, the Model Y is super fun to drive, and I didn't even get to drive on the freeway. In the future I'll be able to make more videos in every situation, so make sure you're subscribed to this channel to stay up to date on all of my videos about the Model Y, Tesla, Tech, and More.
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