My Fave Altcoin Choice, ETH POS Risks, LIDO Staking Risks, GBTC Matrix + Killer Dapps

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00:00 Introduction
01:00 If every mined bitcoin was in cold storage, could futures still be traded?
01:12 Always a price for Supply to Meet Demand
02:33 Everyone Has a Price
02:58 What is the risk/reward potential for ETH after the merge to PoS?
03:10 Rewards Of POS
04:18 What are your thoughts on the Tornado-Cash incident and the OFAC-compliance pressure on ETH and the implications (especially under POS)?
04:40 The “400 Pound Gorilla” Risk
06:01 Implications of the Sanction
07:35 It Gets Worse…
08:31 Stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place
09:49 Tornado Cash story has only begun
11:03 Could you tell me how safe lido staking is and would you stake your eth and what % of your bag?
11:05 Amount I stake on Lido
11:24 Lido, things to Consider
13:00 Lido Inflation 1,250% Inflation last 13 mos
13:23 stXYZ Risk
14:07 Captains go down with ship
15:10 Do you think Solana will need a “Killer App” that will set it apart from all other blockchain projects ? To reach the next level it will need a stronger value proposition (other than NFTs, cheaper more efficient than ETH etc.) Bitcoin, for example, is considered “digital gold.” What do you think will be Solana’s value proposition ?
15:36 The Need for a Killer App
17:00 Solana’s Killer App Is POH
18:50 If you inherited $100,000 but were told you had to invest it ALL in the next 24 hours in ONE crypto (but not BTC, ETH or SOL), which one would you pick and why?
19:16 What I’d Choose
19:20 Reasons for MATIC
20:14 MATIC Killer Entry 60c
21:11 There’s negative sentiment about GBTC lately and many of us have large positions that are down. With 5-10yr horizons for BTC is there any reason to worry or move to a different horse? It’s difficult move to real BTC or I would have done so instead of splitting it between GBTC and MSTR.
21:41 Update and status of GBTC and future outlook? Is Grayscale going to be mired in legal with SEC - (similar to XRP), holding it back even if other ETFs are approved. If BlackRock, et al. get approved would it provide a smoother pathway for Grayscale?
22:11 Grayscale - Following Are True
23:04 GBTC Discount at 32.51%
23:26 IA GBTC Risk Reward Continuum
25:45 GBTC EV Exercise
27:20 “I was all cash year end 2019 waiting for the C19 crash - the day it hit I locked my office door and went nuts on SL’s” - You said this. Could you please tell us about your greatest trades? It’s Edutainment!
28:06 Novel C Circulating 2019
28:59 Timeline
31:09 Lesson: When investing, know your…
31:38 Why do your subscription numbers never seen to rise above 443k when there’s no better KPM on the YouTube?
31:59 4 Reasons
33:17 Our Donations
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