Police Ended Corona Policy Protest in Berlin

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My previous video was on the unjustified ban of the corona virus protest. Overnight the court struck it down and people came together, mostly peacefully. The police still ended the "march" or rather a gathering with false excuses.

The topic is a bit uneasy for me because I only stand partially behind the protest since Germany happens to have fairly lax restrictions. Of course, this can differ regionally, but overall we are not California. The issue is that conservatives are split on that. And while I support Trump's defacto nuanced stance, I feel uneasy about the direction the right-wing opposition in Europe takes. For some, a short-term alliance with hippies and esoterics seem to be more relevant than their own convictions. This is not to say that everybody who has different views has no convictions, but some have flip-flopped heavily without explanation. Others like blogger Jürgen Fritz or former Pegida spokeswoman Tatjana Festerling stand by their views and are now marginalised within the conservative opposition because many apparently find it more important to reach out to hippies who heal everything with nature and dope.
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