POWER DX7 - Showcasing The Very Best Of Yamaha DX7 FM Synthesizer

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This is a short demonstration of great Yamaha DX7 synthesizer patches created by Power DX7!!!! These DX7 patches unleash the true capabilities of the Yamaha DX7, making it one of the best synthesisers of all time. From thick analog - like sounds to breathtaking choir, opera, strings and acoustic piano, the DX7 is a truly remarkable synth which can rival modern hybrid synths. The Version 3 has a new DX7 resonant filter - like sound and a choir sound which is an emulation of the Yamaha SY/TG77 female choir sound!!!! .

About This Video
All Yamaha DX7 sounds featured in this video are my original patches, created using the Yamaha DX7 Mk1 front LCD screen.

Featured Yamaha DX7 Patches
1. Filter Sweep - Like Patch
Even without a digital filter, the DX7 can produce an unique filter-like sound. A similar sound is used for my DX7 analog patches demo, Van Halen 1984.

2. Powerful Synth Brass
Uniquely the Yamaha DX7 sound, it's a powerful sound with a natural flanging effect. The same sound is used for my DX7 analog patches demo, U.K. Alaska.

3. Warm & Soft Pad
An amazingly analog-like warm pad sound, you'll never guess that it's actually coming out from the Yamaha DX7 FM synthesis engine! It has a beautiful natural chorusing effect, and adding external chorus and reverb effects makes it a magic.

4. Resonant Filter - Like Sound
Again even without a digital filter, the DX7 can produce a resonant filter - like effect. It has this 'sticky' sound, typical of an analog resonant filter.

5. 80's Sampler - Like String Strings
With an amazingly realistic string sound, the DX7 can produce a string sound that resemble those 1980's sampler based string sounds.

6. Acoustic Piano
This Yamaha DX7 Piano patch can produce realistic, harmonic - rich metallic sound at lower notes.

7. Breathtaking Choir & Opera
With unparalleled sonic quality and realism, the DX7 is showcasing its true capability, emulating choir and opera sounds. The choir sound is an emulation of the Yamaha SY/TG77 female choir sound. These breathtaking sounds can rival modern hybrid synths.

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