Resident Evil 4: Remaking 4 Evil

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No spoilers please! I haven't played this or the original, so I'm going in blind! Just a casual playthrough, please enjoy.

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I stream on YouTube every Monday and Wednesday from 6pm to 8:30pm PT. Sometimes I stream on Friday/Saturday.


~~~~~Frequently Asked Questions~~~~~

~~~Resident Evil Specific~~~

Q: What games have you played?
A: I've played most of Resident Evil 5, and streamed Resident Evil 7 and 8!

Q: Will you play the other games as well?
A: Probably!

Q: Where's Convergence?
A: I'll likely be switching off between this game and that!

Q: Turn the lights off?
A: It just generally makes the camera look bad

~~~~~General FAQ~~~~~
Q: Why do you do this?
A: So you don't have to.

Q: No, really?
A: I like problem solving and *some* of the runs are very enjoyable. Also clout.

Q: Will you do an all insert boss here run on Dark Souls 1, 2, or 3?
A: I plan to do every Dark Souls 1 Boss replacing all enemies runs that are supported by the mod. On DS 2 & 3, I will be doing Fume Knight and Midir Only (maybe). I have no plans for Sekiro, and Bloodborne has too many issues with modding currently.

Q: Do you stream challenge runs of games that are not FromSoftware?
A: Sometimes. It's up to the people.

Q: Do you stream runs that are not challenge runs?
A: Sometimes

Q: What happens when I donate?
A: First of all, thank you! All donations will be used to better the stream. Sometimes I have a specific goal that is visible, but when you don't see that, the donations go to less exciting things, like hard drives, a better mouse, games to stream, etc.

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