Smart Textile Auxiliaries for Functional Protective Equipment

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The right chemistry makes the difference, especially regarding the functionalisation of protective textiles. Discover CHT’s up to date solutions for antiviral and antibacterial textile finishings. Cloth and fabrics treated with isysAG or HeiQ Viroblock can effectively counteract pathogen transmission. Besides, learn more about textile barrier effects with ECOPERL, TUBIGUARD and TUBICOAT, that prevent a penetration of unwanted and harmful substances. Furthermore, the vast selection of BeSoEFFECTIVE textile effects, e.g. BeSOGUARDED and BeSoDRY, makes the CHT Group the partner of choice for the textile industry alongside the complete supply chain. When it comes to differentiation by innovative and sustainable textile functionalisation the CHT Group supports textile Brands and Retailers entirely and globally.

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