Steam Deck: Batocera v36 YUZU (Switch Emulation) Controller Fix - PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!

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This tutorial was made for those that were having difficulties playing Switch games on the Steam Deck. Before watching the full video, I would suggest watching the tutorial for Batocera Nation (link below). Hopefully, after watching this, you all can enjoying playing your favorite Switch games.

Batocera Nation
New Switch Update & Installation Guide (Dec. 2022) -

I highly recommend these items:

1) Your Steam Deck (obviously)
2) Keyboard (Wired, Wireless, or Bluetooth)
3) Steam Deck Docking Station (various ones can be found on Amazon)
4) Batocera v36 installed on your Steam Deck
5) Computer Monitor, Portable Monitor, or TV (I'm positive that you have one of these, at least)

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