Tesla Sliding in the Snow With the AWD Model 3 | Traction Test Winter Driving | tesla model 3

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Let's watch a video together about how the Tesla Model 3 behaves when there is snow around. And how to cope with drifts in the winter blizzard I am sure it will be exciting.

Original source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uCkWmcczFw&t=89s

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How Does The Tesla Model 3 Handle Snow? How Tesla's AWD Works. Electric cars are often perceived as terrible choices for winter driving. That reputation was only reinforced when the current wave of Tesla Model 3s got their first taste of the cold, resulting in a swath of complaints about frozen door handles and stuck windows. But is that reputation deserved? we traveled to Alaska to put every one of the company's current production machines through their paces on snow and ice -- and have some fun while we were at it. tesla model y tesla model s tesla model 3 performance
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