Tesla Software v2020.8.1 DETAILED REVIEW (Tesla Model 3)

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Tesla Model 3 Software v2020.8.1 detailed review. This v2020.8.1 test is driving focused while looking for potential improvements not mentioned in the release notes. Are there any hidden features? Video is fully indexed below.

For my Tesla full self driving preview test and first impressions, see my other video at this link:

0:01 Intro
0:44 Everything in v2020.8.1
3:41 Country road Autopilot test
6:47 Stop sign
8:18 Freeway entrance test
9:01 Driving with Navigate on Autopilot
16:36 Construction test (fail)
18:50 Navigate on AP rerouting
20:20 Conclusion

Is v2020.8.1 the break-though that leads to full self driving (FSD)? Does the FSD preview add any value? What do you think about the FSD visualizations? Let me know in the comments.

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