Why Cryptocurrency Might Not Apply to You - Bitcoin vs Ethereum

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This video will explain why #cryptocurrency might, and might not, apply to you with either #bitcoin or #ethereum. You have to decide if you'll use Bitcoin for transactions, #BorderlessPayments, storing money #decentralized and #encrypted or if you just don't care about that. Remember, you are also in control of losing your passwords because no one is there to recover it for you.

I use Ethereum constantly, nearly every day, and most days, for hours on end. I trade #ERC721 tokens, aka #NFTs, on #OpenSea using only #ETH and Ethereum tokens. So, I have a strong use-case in Ethereum because I use it every day to buy #VRLand, #VRcars, #avatars and #cryptoart to display in #VirtualReality in #SomniumSpace.

You have to decide if you want to use Ethereum or not. I don't advise you to buy Bitcoin just to hold it anymore than I would advise you to buy a car and just look at it, but hey, it's all up to you. I recommend investing slowly into the platform that you use the most, it will keep you happy with your investment and you'll keep it longer to unlock the power of #CompoundInterest. :-)


Compound Interest Video: https://youtu.be/q9EsU5jehFY
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