[Windows 10] How To Fix An Infinite Boot Loop (Preparing Automatic Repair) *NO SOFTWARE REQUIRED*

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So, your computer stopped working and when you went to power it back on, it gives you a loading screen with the message "Preparing Automatic Repair" (or related)? Well, there could be a number of reasons as to why that may be happening, but you probably just want to figure out how to get your computer back. Well luckily for you, I cover both topics in this video and much more so stay tuned for this in-depth tutorial on how to fix this annoying issue!

DISCLAIMER: You may or may not need to remove all your files; it's all dependent on your situation, but I am not responsible if you do lose important information. If there is a threat of malware on your system which may have caused the infinite boot loop, you'll probably want to stay safe and use a third party software in order to transfer all of the data on your SSD (or hard drive if you're into that kind of stuff) onto an external drive (look up a tutorial on how to do that if you aren't sure) and then select the option of removing all of your files (as shown in the video).

I personally knew that there was pretty much no chance of there being any malware which may have caused the boot loop on my computer, since I realized that the computer was just shut down on accident while routinely updating Windows when my sister explained the situation to me.

If you also are sure, go ahead and follow step by step in accordance with the video (unless the steps deviate a little bit because you might be using a slightly different device).

However, if you believe that you may need to remove all of your files, the steps after will be quite self-explanatory (you're just setting up a new computer, and then transferring back your data from the external drive).

As always, if you have ANY questions, leave them down in the comment section below (they don't have to be related to the video!! lol) or DM me on Instagram @gavnk and I'll get back to you ASAP, as I always have and always will do.

Sorry for the absurdly long essay of a description, I just wanted to cover everything lol.

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