Windows 10 Repair and Reset Your Network Internet Settings Solution

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Windows 10 Repair and Reset Your Network Internet Settings Solution

Sometimes our networking settings/system might get corrupted or might get the wrong settings and then becomes unusable. There are a number of reports that after certain Windows updates or upgrades internet connections stopped working.

This video here shows you a number of methods using automatic repair systems and also manual methods.

This system does a complete reset of your network settings. If you have any corporate or other specific specific settings we suggest you copy them etc.

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Today's video is all about how to repair your Internet connection. Basically your network settings arm we have had a lot of colour like arm reports. So after the new upgrade to certain versions of windows 10. There are the Internet, stop working, et cetera also it could be because of some certain settings with maybe you into corporate office and they put some settings onto your computer or you change something in a distant solar show you how to do with the automatic way and also the manual way and in the end is be accom cool reset of all your network settings that brings you back. Okay, as is your rear are is's showing visible yellow triangle and strangler yellow triangle doesn't seem to work so when I can I get any Internet activity on this computer will artificially created the solution so we honestly know what the problem is can show you certain techniques that you can use if you don't know what the problem is and you're getting either a red X saw this yellow triangle.

The first thing. Obviously, the easy option is troubleshoot problems that will go through that and it should look for certain issues and in welcome. We find something else a try these repairs as administrator. Now, as you can see, sometimes it will fix it, which is great, let's assume it did not fix it. Okay, there is another automatic way which is go there settings, go to network. Click passionately to scroll down and this is where you are troubleshooting work.

This is the complete reset, but is not that hundred percent recently were found. The puzzle had to use manual methods as well so reset now what that does it all, Rees said Mostar what it should be doing is all of the settings and also you will be signed within five minutes, which gives you time. The closure programmes et cetera save your work, what we're gonna do is share asked. Dad and automatically restart the computer and it'll be back okay, okay, though, after a reset, a should hopefully be working all good. Okay, let's assume it's still is causing problems.

Okay show you the manual method. Now, so once you're actually over here you type in PowerShell, run as administrator. Okay, and what you gonna need to do is type in eye the hand, saying that florists DNS the number of commands that you can after run okay the next command you need to run is NB T STAT – are run that okay and were gone are run the same command again, which is NB T STAT with a two hours rather than one are – are run that okay, so we've got that out of the way, then it's NDT SH INT IEP and then it's reset all know what that does it all go through as much as possible as you can see over here.

There is an access denied for one little part in ask you to restart your computer. Okay to restart the computer. Once you come back okay, we still need to run a few more commands and then restart again. Okay, and the specificity sake run commands. Okay, so NDT SH. That's the next one minutes INT IPv4 reset so you basically resetting all your IPv4 things the same thing with six. Click reset if asked me to restart the computer and the final one that we have found seems to work. If you actually have done something with your network and you collide messed up routes et cetera and all that stuff.

This is the one that seems to come alive, solve it. Net SH okay minutes windsock okay windsock and then reset and then run this okay. It lasted restart the computer so obviously you word restart the computer code restart and after restart with a little bit of luck. Hopefully you've got your Internet access. You can access website needs access corporate to settings, et cetera you might need to because after all, this is done again.
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