Worldwide Clogging Fun Dance - Episode 10

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Make plans to join us for the 10th episode (and FINALE) of the Worldwide Clogging Fun Dance Project.

The finale features 21 routines by 20 cuers that include many of your favorites from the series as well as some very, very special surprise guests!

Hosts Jeff Driggs, Hanna Healy and Trevor DeWitt look back to March, when Covid-19 prompted them to develop the online fun dances and share what the project has meant to them. They will also introduce the cuers that you’ll be dancing along with in this one of a kind special clogging event.
Refer to the promo for times on Saturday June 13 for the USA and Canada, and Sunday June 14 for Europe, Australia, Asia and New Zealand.

We have been incredibly humbled by the response to this series of fun dances and so overwhelmed by the support of this community… this FAMILY in making them happen.


Worldwide Clogging Fun Dance Fun Facts:
The Worldwide Clogging Fun Dance has included cuers from 6 countries: USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Taiwan
96 people have been on camera dancing and 70 of those were cuers.
There were 12 mom/daugher, mom/son or grandmother/grandkid combinations
All 10 weeks of syllabi would print out over 300 pages!
Episodes 1-9 have been watched over 55,000 times!
We created over 15 hours of cued fun dance programming
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