Apply Leverage With Randy Gage | The ProfServ Traction Podcast

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Randy Gage is a thought-provoking, rags to riches entrepreneur who has published 14 books in 25 different languages including the New York Times bestseller Risky is The New Safe.

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[02:16] How Randy Gage built his speaking and writing business
[04:55] Randy’s entrepreneurial journey
[06:30] The power of leverage
[07:39] Trading hours for money
[08:55] How Randy accidentally became a speaker
[12:05] Understanding the principles of prosperity
[13:58] Applying the principles of prosperity to a pandemic world
[16:32] How to adapt when faced with life’s challenges
[18:07] Leveraging time
[20:19] Risky is the new safe
[22:43] How to question the premise
[25:26] How to dominate your market
[27:58] The relationship between storytelling and business growth
[30:05] Envision possibilities
[33:05] The three things your potential customer is struggling with
[34:22] The radical rebirth
[36:59] Companies do not evolve until the people running them evolve
[40:30] The radical part of evolution
[45:22] Making incremental changes and living your best life
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