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There are many countries in the world where Indian students goes for MBBS study, But only few countries are very popular among the Indian students for MBBS study, some of them are Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, China, Kazakhstan, Armenia etc.
Students choose these countries based on many reasons but the common reason are like, mera dost wha par MBBS kar raha he, or my cousin is studying in that university and all that,
But there are many students who genuinely search out everything and compare before taking the final decision,
And believe me these students’ gets attracted by Kyrgyzstan but few go for it and few avoid it, its their personal choice,
There are many reason why students get attracted toward Kyrgyzstan
1) Because course duration is just 5 years
2) Budget is very low
3) Very near country to india, air fare is low, direct flight
4) MCI coaching available

There are many MCI listed medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan
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1) Osh State Medical University
2) Asian Medical Institute
3) Jalalabad State university
4) Kyrgyz state medical academy
5) International school of medicine

All above universities are full with Indian students, every year 100s of students get admitted in to these universities

Asian medical university is one of them, very old university and recognised by the ministry of education of Kyrgyzstan, and MCI,
Asian medical institute has grown very much, university has built new very good infrastructure, with all facilities, and this university provides good scope to the students with very affordable fees,
Every years fees are increased by all above university, but Asian medical institute approaches toward the Indian students is very kind, in this pandemic (covid) situation university has decided not to increase any fees, and keeps the same fees for the Indian students
Hostel is very good and it is in campus only
University provides very good Indian foods to the students, students are enjoying here while studying,
MCI coaching is available in thins university
Asian Medical University Provides All kind of support to Indian students

Studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is very wise decision instead, you can save lot of money and your one year,
But if you want to explore and enjoy the life than kyrgyzstan is not a destination for you, very small country and population is also less, but beautiful country, like Asian Switzerland

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