ATG Textil-Fix - Car Seat Fire Hole Carpet Pad Repair Set

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In this video, we show you how you can easily repair a burn hole on a cushion yourself. All you need is our repair kit, which you can easily order online. Watch the video and try it yourself! It can also be used to repair burn holes in carpet or car seats.

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0:13 Preparation and cleaning
0:23 Prepare substrate
0:54 Bonding
1:07 Mix fibers and make filler
1:36 Fill burn hole
1:46 Close burn hole

How to do:

Step 1:
Clean the damaged area thoroughly with alcohol. Remove any dirt and make sure the damaged area is clean, grease-free and dry after cleaning before starting the repair.

Step 2:
Remove carefully remove any protruding edges, e.g., burn holes or frayed carefully with scissors or a knife.

Step 3:
Cut a piece of the enclosed fabric slightly that is slightly larger than the damage.

Step 4:
Using the enclosed spatula, place the piece under the enclosed spatula under the damaged area.

Step 5:
Using the fiber adhesive, glue the piece of cotton fabric to the surface material.
Note: Make sure that the edges are well glued and let the glue dry for approx. 1 hour.

Step 6:
Now mix your desired color shade according to the color mixing table. Fill the required color fibers into the mixing box and shake it.

Step 7:
Take out some color fibers and mix it with some fiber glue until a viscous mass is formed.

Step 8:
Fill the damaged area with the Paint repair compound evenly and level. Allow to dry for 15-20 min.

Step 9:
Now apply a thin layer of paint repair compound to the dried area. Apply a thin layer of the fiber adhesive to the dried color repair compound.

Step 10:
Dust the damaged area until the fiber adhesive and the damaged area are no longer visible.

Note: Allow the entire repair to dry for approximately 1 hour.

Finally, carefully remove any excess paint fibers with a brush.

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