Buying Your Perfect Property For Kids with Andrea Peart | KiddieNomics Kids Financial Literacy

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KiddieNomics is a fun, informative and free kids webinar series about educating kids age 8 - 13 years old about all aspects of financial literacy.

Our goal is to empower all kids to become Young Financial Literacy Ambassadors to help themselves, family and community to be more financially literate. While developing a healthy relationship towards finances.

Our special guest expert speaker is Andrea Peart. Andrea shows the kids how to be a rock star in understanding how to buy the perfect property! Buying Your Perfect Property For Kids.

Andrea's Bio:

My experience is diverse from teaching and fostering little ones, to financial services to investing in residential and commercial real estate. I own two corporations and I also partner and co-own a third business with my sister-in-law that is dedicated to helping others build wealth through real estate.

Kiddies will learn:

-- What are the words to know?
- How to buy your perfect home?
- How much do homes cost?
- What are the steps to buying your perfect home?
- Tips

KiddieNomics says to parents, “We get it! - and we’ll help your kids get it, too!”

Join us each and every Friday for Kids Financial Literacy Friday's with KiddieNomics. Each week we will present a different topic and have special expert guest speakers.


To join our live fantastically fun weekly KiddieNomics Kids Financial Literacy Fridays Webinar at 5pm EST, please register using this link:

Buying Your Perfect Property Activity:

Using the information learned in this webinar, list 10 words and their definitions that will help you buy the perfect property.

If you would like to contact our KiddieNomics expert Andrea Peart, please feel free to contact her:
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