Demo: Peer-to-Peer File Browser / File Storage

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Check out a little piece of what we're building at ThreeFold!

We're continuing our series on demos of a full suite of solutions being created on top of the ThreeFold Grid. Last time we covered the self-hosted video chat (link below), and in this episode we are featuring the file browser / file storage. Please note that all of these solutions are in beta.

00:00 Call Intro
00:32 What is a File Browser?
01:12 File Browser Intro & Interface
02:12 Supported File Types, Search, & Sorting
07:24 Initial Feedback / Experience of the Beta Product
08:51 How can people get involved in testing?
10:31 What's coming next?

The File Browser (Storage) solution presents a few key features:

It is ultra-secure – protected by autonomous technology, your files are stored without the fear of being stolen. And your data cannot be lost on the ThreeFold Grid.

It is highly-compatible – photos, videos, presentations, PDFs, Office files, and more! All file formats and systems you may use are compatible with your file storage.

Sharing is made simple – keep your files private to yourself and those with whom you want to share them.

Affordable storage – The unique storage algorithm on the ThreeFold Grid makes it possible for you to enjoy 100x more space for the same price. Cost-effective and more sustainable!

And you'll find the basic features you expect from a file browser like sorting and search as well.

Later on, we'll do a demo of the Office solution, which is heavily integrated with File Browser / Storage.

Please note that while some aspects of the demo appeared slow, this is more so due to slow Internet connection than speed of the product. Also, we're still in beta version, so improvements will be made.

To get involved in testing on the grid, please join our testing community here:

You can find the demo of the self-hosted video chat here:
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