Responsive Community Based Education, Online and Offline. Workshop by Peer 2 Peer University

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Hands-on workshop about the practice and implementation of learning circles in libraries, by Nico Koenig and Grif Peterson from Peer 2 Peer University (USA), and Nicole James from Köln in Germany.
In 90 we’ll introduce the learning circle methodology and how our community of facilitators adapted the model to support online community programming during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ll also share our free suite of tools, courses, and community and hear from some partners who have adopted learning circles in Europe. In the second half, we’ll open up discussion to the group, focusing on helping attendees identify needs in their community and how community-based learning programs can address them. Among others, we’ll focus on: Creating flexible programming; Serving communities in times of crisis; Empowering learners to direct their own education; Engaging volunteers in community growth; Values of accessible public spaces
Please visit for more information and to access free and openly-licensed learning circle tools and resources in English.
With support from EU Erasmus+, learning circle resources and training materials will be available in German, Portuguese, Romanian, Polish and Finnish in 2021.

The workshop was part of Occupy Library 2020 event, and is suitable for all of those who wish to explore online and offline life-long learning methods to be used in their communities.

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