EP#4 - Jost Kobusch - Outdoor Charcha with Ritin Bhatia

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Survived & recorded the avalanche at the Everest Base camp triggered by the terrifying Nepal Earthquake in April 2015! Indeed was a second chance at life for him which enabled him to take life changing decisions!

Jost tells us about his recent expedition to Everest in Winter & that too Solo just before the infamous Corona Virus in January 2020 wherein he collected around 30 kgs of garbage from the Everest BC & took a major chunk of it back to Germany where it has been displayed in a museum!

DIg into it to know more!

1. Beginning of Mountaineering journey from Kenya.

2. Nepal Earthquake - Everest BC avalanche survivor.

3. Tackling fear & other emotions.

4. Do’s while planning expeditions.

5. Convincing parents. (Indian v/s German)

6. Everest accident - Jan 2020 (Solo expedition)

7. Lifted 30 kgs of garbage from Everest BC, took it back
to Germany.

IG: instagram.com/ritin_bhatia
IG: instagram.com/jostkobusch

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/3Z4MP45S974swKbw2DpEBn
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