Isabel & Nik's Film - Arlington Heights Backyard Wedding

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Conrad and Liz walk together almost every day. They wander the streets of Arlington Heights talking about important work things, important life things. These walks keep them healthy and grounded. Their favorite walks happen close to home, they love exploring their Scarsdale neighborhood just beyond the parking lot of their studio. There are so many beautiful homes and friendly faces in our neighborhood.

In April Liz received a phone call from Jane, a neighbor who saw our studio (well, our adorable Happy Blue Camper) on her own walk through Scarsdale. From that first phone call Liz knew that Jane would not only be a client but become a friend. And that is why we love this job. Because in the dealings of business we are blessed to meet amazing friends along the way.

Jane called us looking for someone to document her daughter’s wedding in June. Isabel and Nik had originally planned to get married abroad, but Covid-19 had other plans. So in the swirling chaos of this spring Jane worked to give her daughter a wedding to remember. And we were blessed to be a part of it. This micro wedding was attended only by Jane’s immediate family but we streamed the whole affair so that Nik’s family in Germany and Isabel’s friends in the states could be there.

This small, intimate backyard wedding was filled with big, beautiful moments. Bursting with love that carried across the Atlantic. It was such an honor and joy to witness this wedding, and now every time we walk past Jane’s beautiful home we will always wave at our new friends and smile remembering this unforgettable day.

Produced by Something Blue.
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