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[Tuesday Morning Podcast, 1/19/21] Come join Pastor Joel & friends to talk about Christian News & living the grace life! PTL! (Click “SHOW MORE”)

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Stam on “The Maker of All Made Sin For us”:

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DON’T MISS Hal on “The Mind of the Creator”
Greg on Titus 3: | Our Identification
Kevin Hobbs on all things being put under His feet:

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Christian News:

China Health Experts Call for Suspension of COVID Jabs as Norway Investigates 33 Deaths, Germany Probes 10 Deaths: | All the while, US & UK try to stop China’s rampant Organ Harvesting

Cancel Culture has set its Sights on Christians | Stanford Prof Tells CNN: Boot Conservatives Off Platforms | Corp’s Worry | FB censors Cardinal over NWO | Also:

Ohio Bans Telemedicine Abortions without a Physician Present | Trump, in Final Proclamation, Urges Americans to Fight for the Unborn: They're 'Made in the Holy Image of God' | NR: Abortion is Killing Us All

Ad Wars: Ritz Cracker’s ‘Rethink Family’ | Cadbury’s gay Lady & Tramp | GoFundMe dumps NTEB for reporting on Cadbury ad

Biden’s Big Bible Is Heavy with History, Symbolism: | Kamala’s Bible

Mr. T Tells Fans God Is the Antidote to Hate:

Black pastor who marched with MLK shares pains and joys of civil rights activism: | The Stream reflects | Protestia questions whether we should even celebrate MLK day

750 killed at Ethiopian Orthodox church said to contain Ark of the Covenant: report:

Church Deacon Arrested For Outdoor Worship Service Discusses Victory Against Idaho: | MacArthur’s Church Adds 1000 New Members:

Leaked Docs Show Ravi Zacharias’ Personal Massage Therapist was Employed by RZIM, Directed Dubious Ministry:

Major Egyptian discovery includes fifty-two 3,000-year-old New Kingdom coffins, and a papyrus with a chapter of the Book of the Dead:

LOL Babylon Bee: Man Led To Christ After Christian In Comments Section Declares Him Total Moron: | Theologians Find Going To Church Via Zoom Will Only Get You Access To Heaven Via Zoom
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