Module Models and Modelling: 18. Mathematical and Methods Foundations

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Models must be adequate. We thus need a way to judge about analogies we accept or neglect, about appropriate focuses, and about the functioning of models in given scenarios. Scenarios can be described in the form we used in the case study chapter. Model justification requires a number of calculi for corroboration, for rational coherency and conformity, for falsifiability, and for stability and plasticity. Sufficiency reasoning can be based on a quality safeguard.
This chapter describes the calculi we might use.

Since the integrated and concurrent utilisation of all these calculi becomes really challenging, we might apply a number of tricks to reduce the complexity: usage of generic models; stereotypes and canons of specific model categories; deep models based on stereotypes and canons; moulds and matrices based on success stories; etc.

We use these foundations for treatment of analogy and dependability. This approach allows to derive stereotypes and meta-modelling approaches.
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