Redstone Circuits: Episode 15 - Block Transportation & Storage [1.17]

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This is the Episode 15 of my Redstone Circuits Series. In it I show you common ways to transport and store blocks in Minecraft.

Intro: 0:00

Block Transport:
Block Transport Intro & Multi-Extenders: 0:17
Standard Smart Pistons (only Full Blocks): 1:53
Chaining Smart Pistons: 3:23
Inline Smart Piston: 4:48
0-Tick Smart Piston: 7:20
Observer Smart Piston (Also transp. Blocks): 8:43
Piston Conveyor: 10:25
Slime Conveyor: 12:29
Slimey Piston Conveyor: 14:17
Flying Machines: 16:58

Bidirectional Block Storage:
Block Swappers: 18:06
Piston Doors: 19:25
Piston Feed Tapes: 20:32

Block Reservoirs: 29:02

1D/2D/Pseudo-3D/3D Block Storage: 34:40
Exkurs: Powering Piston Walls/Ceiling/Floor: 45:09

Transport as Entity:
Falling Block Entity: 46:14
Pointed Driptsone: 50:19
Dispenser & Bucket: 51:03
Shulker-Boxes: 51:55

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World Download:

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