The Harmful Narrative we're Fed at School | Jon Weaver | Unboxing with Harry McInley

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Jon is a brand strategist who has worked at Nike and Burton Snowboarding for the past 10 years. Jon is also the author of a book he launched on Kickstarter called ‘The Anti-Blueprint Project’ which explores unconventional routes to happiness and success and questions the conventional dogma that simply doing well at school, university and landing a grad job is the quickest path to success and fulfilment.

Round 1: (00:50) Jon’s unconventional journey that led him to snowboarding in the mountains of Austria and how he forged a career that was always led by passion and ultimately resulted in landing a marketing role with Burton Snowboarding.

Round 2: (14:40) Shortfalls of the current education system, balancing passion with practicality and why Jon wrote his book.

Round 3: (34:15) Jon’s experience at Nike and how innovation is embedded in the company’s DNA.

Final Round Questions: (44:15) 1) What doesn’t make sense about Covid. 2) How Jon wants the world to become less polarised. 3) Jon’s Unboxing Ringwalk Track.

Jon's book 'The Anti-Blueprint Project':

Harry's Unboxing Gym:
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