The Secret Reason to Buy Bitcoin Now

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I’ve found a strategy that takes the risk out of investing in bitcoin! This cryptocurrency loophole is about as close to a win-win as you get. Price Analysis! Price predictions on 7 Cryptocurrencies including Ethereum!

I haven’t always been in favor of investing in bitcoin…in fact, I recommended against it. I couldn’t find a way to value bitcoin and wasn’t going to recommend an investment I wasn’t buying myself! That all changed this year when I found a way to value cryptocurrencies and a secret loophole that makes you money whether the price of bitcoin goes up or not.

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I started investing in bitcoin last year but only as a short-term trade to take advantage of the ups-and-downs in the price. I then started estimating the long-term value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but was still worried about a bitcoin crash. I wanted to invest but didn’t want to lose month in the short-term.

But this loophole strategy means you make money investing in bitcoin whether the price goes up or down. In fact, it might actually be better if the price of crypto falls this year. You could actually be better off!

In this video, I’ll share my experience analyzing bitcoin and investing. I’ll share a complete bitcoin price analysis and prediction as well as what could take bitcoin higher. I’m not going to sugar-coat it though because I’ll tell you exactly what could cause bitcoin to crash as well. Then I’ll reveal that secret loophole that takes the risk out of bitcoin investing!

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Based on two ways to value bitcoin, I have a price prediction between $94,000 to $190,000 over the next three years. That’s more than double your money even to the lowest price. It’s based on the amount from institutional investors and corporate cash as well as a formula for bitcoin users.

It could take a few years for the price of bitcoin to reach that peak though so I recommend moving your coins to BlockFi for the interest you earn while you wait. I buy my bitcoin and Ethereum on Coinbase then hold some of them in a wallet on BlockFi for the interest earned. It’s a great way to earn a little higher return on your cryptocurrency.

0:00 Why You Should Buy Bitcoin Now Even if the Price Falls
2:10 Bitcoin Value Analysis
4:26 How Much is Bitcoin Worth?
7:30 How to Buy Bitcoin for Extra Return
11:08 How Low Can Bitcoin Fall?
12:20 The Win-Win Strategy for Investing in Cryptocurrency

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