Why does the US want to buy S-400 air defense system from Turkey? | News

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Why does the US want to buy S-400 air defense system from Turkey?
US lawmakers want to pressure Turkey to sell the S-400 air defense system bought from Russia to continue the F-35 fighter program.

According to Defense News, the United States will be able to buy Russian-made S-400 air defense systems through Turkey, based on a bill that has just been submitted to the Senate.

Sen. Whip John Thune proposed to amend the Defense Authorization Act 2021 in the direction of allowing the purchase of S-400 systems in the name of purchasing missiles for the army.

The move comes a year after the US removed its NATO ally Turkey from the multinational F-35 program because Ankara received Russia's air defense system under a $ 2.5 billion deal.

The proposal demonstrates efforts by US lawmakers to ease disagreements between Washington and Ankara regarding the F-35 fighter program.

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