Wienke Giezeman, CEO and Co-Founder of The Things Network on building a global LoRaWAN IoT Network

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Find the full conversation with Wienke Giezeman, CEO and Co-Founder of The Things Network shares his vision on building a global LoRaWAN IoT Network:

We were lucky to have been able to catch up with Mr. Wienke Giezeman, who is the CEO and Co-founder of the Things Network. We appreciate the fact that he took out time from his busy schedule and joined us in the middle of the ‘#TheThingsConference 2021’ to have a brief talk with the Circuit Digest team.

‘Things Conference’ is a five-day global event that takes place every year. This year (2021), the event took place virtually because of the COVID-19 Pandemic situation. Numerous sessions with great speakers and companies showing off their products and services made the event successful and intriguing. It has got a great response!

Time Stamps
00:00 Introduction
1:48 Brief about Virtual Things Conference – 2021
4:00 Difference between Things Industries, Things Network, and the Things Conference
5:33 What is Things Stack?
7:47 Gateways currently linked with The Things Network
9:00 Hurdles preventing the adaption of LoRaWAN into the potential application
11:16 Markets that have leveraged the capabilities of LoRaWAN to its maximum potential
12:16 Game-changing announcements made during Virtual Things Conference for 2021
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