Germany: FEMEN activists in Berlin protest Turkey's withdrawal from Istanbul Convention

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Several FEMEN activists held a protest near the German's Bundestag in Berlin, on Tuesday, to oppose Turkey's withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention.

The group unfolded a banner reading 'Implement Istanbul Convention' as they stood on the Marie-Elisabeth-Luders-Haus Bridge over the Spree, lighting flares and chanting slogans.

Soon after the action they confronted German Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht, who was having a photo shoot nearby. The activists had slogans painted on their backs and bare chests, with some reading 'Femicide hotspot Germany.'

A group of policemen also arrived at the scene and removed the banner from the bridge, but no arrests were made.

The Turkish government's decided to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention on violence against women earlier in March, sparking protests across the country.

W/S Banner reading (German): 'Implement Istanbul Convention. 10 years of Istanbul Convention, no reason to celebrate'
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