Tesla Cuts Giga Berlin Piles To Test Loads

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Tesla cut down all the 19 piles that it hammered into the ground last week. The goal, according to our local friend Tobias Lindh, is to prepare them for the load tests. Read at https://www.torquenews.com/video/tesla-cut-ground-piles-giga-berlin-testing-load

Tobias tweets, writing "Today the concrete of the piles at #GigaBerlin has been cut down in preparation for load tests. Also a lot of new gravel is getting delivered to the west of the construction site."

Last week we saw Tesla using trains daily for bringing gravel to the construction site at Giga Berlin. Now the EV maker is using trucks. We don't know the reason, but we will probably find out why Tesla switched trains to trucks.

The progress at Tesla's first European Gigafactory is going well and Giga Berlin seems to be on track for 2021 completion and producing the Model Y electric crossover in July 2021.


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Tobias Lindh Twitter https://twitter.com/tobilindh/status/1264914961807167488
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