Tesla has a Camouflaged Truck for Giga Berlin Hard Test

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Today we have some fresh updates from Tesla Giga Berlin with workers tasting before starting their work day and a camouflaged dump truck hard testing at Giga Berlin.

Today, a friend of Torque News, Jurgen, who regularly sends Giga Berlin updates from Tesla in Grunheide, has some for interesting images, shared on his Twitter.

In the first and second images from Giga Berlin, you see the progress in the "Casting" area. The work is going forward and things are building.

In the 3rd image you see the line where workers stand for testing before work. It's good that Tesla is testing Giga Berlin workers daily to ensure the company can produce its first European electric vehicle factory on time.

But the 4th image is the most interesting. You see a camouflaged prototype of 'Liebherr' Dump truck spotted, for hard test on the Giga. It can transport almost 30,000 kilograms and still drives around 60 km / h - and is now on the way to test drives in Sweden.

Liebherr is a German-Swiss multinational equipment manufacturer based in Bulle, Switzerland with its main production facilities and origins in Germany.

It consists of over 130 companies organized into eleven divisions: Earthmoving, Mining, Mobile cranes, Tower cranes, Concrete technology, Maritime cranes, Aerospace and transportation systems, Machine tools and automation systems, Domestic appliances, and Components. It has a worldwide workforce of over 42,000, with nine billion euros in revenue for 2017.


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