Webinar How to manage the European Authorized Representative for GER / EU-Bevollmächtigter ProdSG

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Please watch this webinar to learn more about the EU REP and our solution for retailers and sellers who want to sell non-food-product in Germany / Produktsicherheitsgesetz 2021, Marktüberwachungsverordnung 2021, ProdSG, Rapex

Non-food products are subject to numerous rules and regulations within the European Union (EU), compliance with which must be ensured by the manufacturer and/or importer.

An authorized representative as contemplated by the Product Safety Act (ProdSG) – also known as EU-REP – established in the European Economic Area can assist manufacturers and importers in fulfilling certain obligations. In this case, the European Authorized Representative acts as a link between the manufacturer and the market surveillance authorities and keeps extensive information available

This Webinar provides you with an overview about the function of an European Authorized Representative and introduces you to the get-e-right approach towards the European Authorized Representative in Germany as a reliable service solution.

If you are interested, you are welcome to sign up for the webinar. Please also sign up, if the time may not be suitable for you as you will receive a recorded version.
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